Delmarva Biker World

This is where I spend April-ish to about October-ish. When I first moved to the area, my first big client was a custom motorcycle shop called Iron Angel Customs. One day, I'll write all about our first shoot. It's worth writing about because anyone (of the 60+ people) who was there will have their own piece of the story to share. It was really great in one way but just cringeworthy in others. We can laugh about it now. It took a while to get to this point, though.

Anyway, so here we are... about four years later and I can't see myself not being a part of the Delmarva biker community. These events are filled with characters and people I could photograph all day long. This was the first event I attended this season and I borrowed a 1.4 50mm ikkor lens from John over at J Nugn Photography and these were some of the lifestyle images I got. Incidentally, this event is the grand re-opening of the Iron Angel Cycle Shop after moving to a new building.

I wouldn't call these portfolio images, but I thought they were share-worthy. I plan on shooting more stuff like this. I've taken for granted how many great faces there are all around me whenever I do these events. t really is good times when I'm with these folks. They're a good bunch who I call very close friends and that's important when everyone I know lives so far away.


Please enjoy and I'll have more soon.