Trying new things

Everyone who knows me as a photographer knows that my actual photography simply serves as a starting point for the final image. It doesn't happen that much anymore but maybe 3-5 years ago, I would often be accused of being a "fake photographer" because I used photoshop so much. It used to bother me until I realized that those imbeciles could literally suck eggs until they puked baby chickens.

Anyway, usually it's folks easing into photoshop and developing their skills that way. I'm actually working backwards now. I'm easing into shooting more naturally. Of course I will NEVER give up using photos as a sketch to my final painting. I just want to get stronger at shooting live and unedited... save for the basic color-correcting and the sort.

So watch the "Capture" gallery grow as I learn new things! I imagine that the only reason I'm not crushing it is just because I haven't really tried it so I'm pretty excited to really stretch my photography legs and add some new skills.