Welcome to the new website!

It feels good to finally update my site and give it a whole new look. I spent some time in the past couple of days digging through the archives and revisiting old shoots. I'm looking forward to trying new things, stretching my art legs and practicing some new techniques. 

There are a couple of new sections on my site that weren't on my old one. "Content" has a collection of magazine layouts I designed. The magazine was square and I liked having the unusual shape to work with. I'd like to do more work like that, but we'll see.

Another new section is "The Selfies." I vowed to do a self-portrait every day of 2013. Call it a 365 project. Whether it's with my phone or an elaborate set, I will shoot every day. I won't post every image because some of them are just plain boring. I find that I'm learning a lot about myself and what's important for a shoot. When you have only 24 hours to shoot a theme, things get into perspective pretty quickly... especially at 11:45pm.
I'd like to say that I will be updating regularly, but we'll see how it goes. Keeping a blog has always been interesting to me, but also impossible. 

Either way, there will be more images.

Now I'm bored. Go finish checking out my stuff! Have fun doing it and comment or write or whatever. I'm a fan of people reaching out... even though i'm not that great at it. 


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