2013 self-portrait series

2013 self-portrait series

"All I know is that if an apple turnover and I were hanging off a cliff and Lori had to save just one of us, she'd choose the turnover."

 In lieu of a traditional "About Me" which generally consists of a flowery run-down of my time as a photographer and what inspires me, I decided to get a nine year-old boy to interview me. I told him to ask me any twenty questions he wanted. The only rule is that the questions must have something to do with me.

(Interview took place in the winter of 2010) 

1: Are we starting now?
- Yes

2: Do you want to tell people when your birthday is?
- No

3: Am I doing this right?
- Yes. You're doing great!

4: Do you think a rhino with a Samurai sword could beat a shark with a mini-gun?
- Depends on where they're fighting. Typically, the person with the gun wins unless the person with the sword is particularly BAMF.

5: What's a BAMF?
- Me. I'm totally a BAMF.

6: Can I be a BAMF, too?
- When you grow up, yes. I will show you how to be a BAMF, but you musn't tell your Mom.

7: But she's sitting right...
- Shh!

8: Do you like to have pizza or fruits for lunch?
- Both

9: Do you think you can beat me in Halo Reach?
- No. You're totally BAMF at Halo.

10: But I thought you said I couldn't be a BAMF until I grow up...
- Umm. You have ten more questions.

11: Why do you take lots of pictures of ladies?
- Because men are much more difficult to squeeze into bikinis

12: Did you do P.E. when you were in the 4th grade?
- Yes. It was very fun.

12: Did you play Halo when you were in the 4th grade?
- No. We had Super Mario Brothers on Nintendo.

13: What's a Nintendo? 
- It's kinda like a PS3 except like its Grandpa or something.

14: Why do you sometimes say bad words to your laptop?
- Because it sometimes doesn't do what I say.

15: Why do you sometimes say bad words to your phone?
- Because the person I'm talking to sometimes doesn't do what I say.

16: Can we get a rice-crispy treat from the Starbucks store after this?
- Yes. And only because you asked the way you did.

17: Why do you drink a lot of the Starbucks drinks?
- It's yummy.

18: Should I ask you a question about your job as photogr- photographyer - photographering...
- Sure, if you want. And it's "photographer."

19: Would you like to be something else like a teacher or a music teacher or a clown?
- I would sooner put pens into my eyes.

20: Why would you put pens in your eyes?!
- nvm. You did great! Thanks for the interview! Let's go get a rice-crispy treat!


An excerpt from my blog
(after taking my first photos when I was 4 and then shooting through my entire childhood)

 I gave up photography for a spell when I went to college for web design and in my final semester, I was introduced to this cool thing called Photoshop 7.0. And I threw rocks at photography's window late that night, begged it to come down and see me in the street as the rain poured, cold and stinging. I told photography that I was wrong. I needed to see the world. I needed to know what was out there... and I realized that the world was nothing if I wasn't walking through it with my beloved. I stood there, vulnerable and shivering in the unforgiving rain. Photography was hurt and didn't want to look me in the eye. I understood.  

But we eventually found our way back to each other.